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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will the paints on any ceramic product rub off or fade and what if some of the design doesn’t look right to me? No – All ceramic products are baked at nearly 2000 degrees thus setting the paint to a glass-like finish. No painted ceramic product will ever rub off or fade. As far as the human eye can see, we have to keep in mind and understand that all ceramic products are completely hand made and painted and any irregularity on the design of the artwork should not be considered as ‘flawed or defective.’ These irregularities are simply what depicts the artistic authenticity of a ‘genuine’ hand made product, thus adding to the nature and beauty of the product.
  2. On the Talavera Sinks, what kind of cleansers should one use? One should take care to use ‘non-abrasive’ liquid, foam or gel cleansers along with soft damp sponges or damp cloths to provide and maintain a smooth and glossy finish to sink surface. Avoid using steel wool, coarse cleansing pads or bristle brushes on sink surface as these cleaning products or tools may scratch and dull the glossy finish.
  3. Are there more products not listed or shown on the website? Yes – We have many other products related to the items shown on the website as well as many other items of import interest in our San Antonio store location. Upon request we can email you digital images and information on any product you may inquire about. Please call or email us for more information.
  4. What if I need to exchange something that I bought from the website or cancel my online order ? Is there a time frame for canceling my online order? Do you offer any refunds? No- We do not offer refunds. All purchases are ‘Non-Refundable.’ Based on our approval for an exchange, we only offer an exchange within a 30 day period from date of receiving your original purchase.
    1. Subject to product availability, we may cancel your online order or part of your online order if product/products ordered are not available within the website time frame offered or if your product ordered is no longer available. Please call us or email us for product availability and or time frame availability. You may cancel your order within a 3 day period of placing an online order. Cancellation fees/charges may apply after the 3 day period of cancellation. Please call or email us for more details.
    2. Subject to product availability and product exchange, any ceramic product purchased online may be exchanged within 30 days after receiving your purchase. However, customer must first email or call us within the 30 days of receiving their order for any product/products exchange. Any ceramic item purchased online may be exchanged for any other product or products of original or equal value from our Website or store locale. Upon our approval, ceramic items must be returned in a safe and insured package for proper exchange or for in store credit application. No broken or damaged ceramic product or ariticle of clothing returned from our customer will be honored or accepted for exchange or in store credit.
    3. Subject to availability, articles of clothing may be exchanged within 30 days of online purchase for an exchange of equal value of our product/products from our website or store. Articles of clothing must not be used, worn or washed and must be returned with all original tags and labels. You must first email or call us for any need of exchange on clothing. Exchange on articles of clothing may result in additional fees or charges depending on the condition determined on the assessment made on the item or items returned for exchange. Original clothing tags/labels must accompany all articles of clothing as well as all receipts or copies of receipts/invoices for exchange. Please call or email us for more details before attempting to return any item or product purchased from our website. Please Note: Re-shipping charges are customers responsibility.
  5. I need more detailed information on your online clothing as well other products I see online. How can I find out more information on what I am interested in? Simply call our store or email us and we will be more than happy to help you with all that may be of interest to you. We can email you digital images of any product you inquire us about.
  6. Are all the products shown or listed online in stock? No – Due to the great demand of our products, we often have items being re-ordered or are on backorder. However, all in stock products are shipped out the next day or next two business days. Some out-of-stock items may take from 2-4 weeks or longer to receive from Mexico or other import country and therefore, we suggest all of our Web site shoppers to call or email us with any questions regarding any of our products. We will contact you via email or phone with regard to any order you place online with our Web site should any product be out-of-stock.
  7. I want my order to be shipped quickly! Can you do it? Subject to availability we can ship out your order on the next business day and sometimes if early enough on the same business day your order is received. Please call or email us for more details.
  8. Am I purchasing the exact product I see online? Not necessarily. As far as the ceramics and women’s and little girl’s dresses shown on the Web site, what you see on our Web site online store is an image of what is a hand-made product that we offer. However, our products being that they are uniquely made do have the same hand crafted characteristics that reflect the image shown on our Web site, but may vary slightly in color and pattern from that shown on our Web site. Exact duplication’s are not available being that these products are uniquely made. We can email you digital images of our in-stock products upon request. Please call or email us for more information.